Our Company

Azazo is the new name for Gagnavarslan hf.  The company will be marketing its services (CoreData ECM Software, Storage, Consulting) internationally under the name Azazo. The storage department will still be presented as Gagnavarslan services domestically. 

Azazo is an innovative company with the core objective of providing a full range of Information Management services and solutions to companies and organisations.

azazo´s highly qualified team:

  • has developed CoreData ECM, a suite of software services that help customers manage their electronic information, documents and records.  The company has a team of software developers in Iceland and Ukraine constantly working on further development of the software as well as customization's for customers.
  • offers secure, reliable and professional storage for paper, artwork and other physical items. Scanning services and secure document destruction is also a part of providing a complete solution in record management for our customers.
  • provides consulting services to help customers with every challenge related to information and record management. Our experts will help guide your organization towards a better future of managing information assets.
  • has a team of ambitious experts with broad educational background and experience.
  • has a wide range of customers including insurance companies, airlines, banks, pension funds, ministries  etc.

information Management is our Business

Azazo offers highly effective Software solutions, Consulting services and Storage services.

Software solutions

CoreData ECM

CoreData ECM - Enterprise Content Management is based on the latest approach in information management.  An intuitive interface provides users with access to all relevant organization information in a secure environment. CoreData ECM contains several modules which are:

  • Project Management
  • CRM (Customer Relation Management)
  • Meeting Management
  • Quality Management (Quality - Health - Environment - Safety - Security)

CoreData ECM is a Document and Record Management System fulfilling common standards and requirements in an effective and secure manner.  

coredata BoardMeetings

Having the latest information at hand is the key when it comes to making good decisions. CoreData BoardMeetings makes your information available to you anywhere and everywhere in an organized and secure way. 

CoreData BoardMeetings is a service providing access to essential meeting documents: agendas, meeting minutes, supporting documents and projects. The software provides a single point of access for all relevant information material for the board.

Mailing paper documents or sending e-mail is no longer necessary, board members can easily access  information material for the board meetings by logging into the system. The documents are secure and printing is no longer needed.  Tasks which need to be solved between meetings can be registered and assigned to the relevant individual. This provides a clear overview of projects and their progress.   

CoreData Board Meetings is suitable for board meetings of companies and organizations. The solution can also be used for meetings of board of directors, working groups or committees. Since the access is through the Internet, members can be within the company or outside the organisation.  All user communications are encrypted.  

CoreData Claims

CoreData Claims is a web based management system specially designed for handling bankruptcy cases. It tracks each claim from registration to its final distribution In the beginning all claims are numbered. Additionally Azazo offers scanning and storing of relevant documents.

CoreData Claims is a web based management system specially designed for handling bankruptcy cases. It tracks each claim from registration to its final distribution.  All claims are numbered and registered in the system for further processing. Azazo can offer scanning and storing of relevant documents related to all claims. CoreData Claims gives excellent overview over claims and their definition and status at all time.

 CoreData Claims main components are:

Throughout the lifetime of the claim, all transfers are effectively dealt with and handled in the system.

All information regarding each claim and the communication with creditors are held separately. The system can also send e-mail to large groups.

All decisions regarding the claims and objections are recorded and can be exported to Excel.  

The system manages all information about relevant accounts and payments to the creditors.

In bankruptcy, the time factor is crucial and the importance of using an effective, simple system is essential.  CoreDataClaims is a system that is being effectively used in one of the largest bankruptcies in Europe.

coredata Virtual Dataroom

During highly critical processes like due diligence, security and secure access is very important.  In such instances Virtual DataRoom can be very helpful, especially when communicating and cooperating with external partners.  Using Virtual DataRoom the user gets easy but secure access to critical data and documents for the project. Easy maintenance of secure user access and editorial authorizations ensures effective usage/distribution of critical data. External users only gets access to specially defined data within the Virtual DataRoom system.  Virtual DataRoom provides a clear overview of all data and documents in one place.  Version control and a history log of all transactions makes it easy to track all changes in the system.  All user communications are encrypted.  

Consulting services

Strategic Development and Execution

Developing strategy using performance management, KPIs and Balanced Scorecard. Driven by Proactive Thinking - setting ambitious objectives and effective execution of the strategy.

Lean Management

Lean-driven management of the organisation by simplifying processes creating value in each step.

Improvement Management

Using impact teams and an effective leadership of improvement projects ensures fast and effective implementation of improvements. When solving complex problems we use Lean Six Sigma approach.

Project Management

Project Management in all types of projects - smaller improvements to large scale reorganization we offer sensible and effective execution that delivers results.

Quality Management

Through our experienced team of consultants we define and implement quality systems, ensuring quality on every level and fast improvements using LEAN thinking.

Information Management

Managing information is becoming more and more urgent for companies to gain/maintain competitive edge. We specialize in the planning, designing and implementation of Information Management Systems in close cooperation with the customer involving key personnel in all stages of the process. Our experience in implementing effective Information Management Systems gives quick payoff to the customer.  

Storage Services

Azazo offers secure, reliable and professional storage for paper and artifacts:  

  • Specialized storage facility (4,500 sq m.)
  • A top of the line security system.
  • Extremely strict access control parameters.
  • Storage of documents (bar code system).
  • Storage of historical and cultural artifacts and artwork along with other objects.
  • Services in scanning, printing and data logging.

The total solution for your archiving needs.